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Startup Checklist

Are you interested in starting a business but are unsure where to start. Here's a checklist (8 pages of goodness) that will give you insight on the need to knows and things to do! This will save you time from searching all over the web, watching YouTube videos, and things I wish someone told me. Buy now and save yourself time and frustration.

Bonus items:

How to establish
BUSINESS CREDIT with actual places to get started and places to LIST your business to get more attention

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Finance Flashcards

We always say school pushed Home Economics on us, PE and Foreign languages. But aside from math what did they teach us financially. It's time to break those generational curses and allow our kids a seat at the table. We want them to walk in any room and be able to hold conversations about finances. More importantly, COVID has taught us when one one door closes another opens. Many of us are pushing for financial freedom and entrepreneurship . Therefore it's important to be business minded and financial literate. So I've created flashcards that kids and adults can use. 

*Digital Version* Available for immediate download and use.


Are you seeing a lot of posts on social media where people are talking about stocks? Are your friends making money and you want to get in the game too? Do you have extra money that you want to make grow for you? Yes? But do you know the Basics (terminology/fundamentals)?! Like the true definition👀 I put together a small set of PowerPoint. If you need the breakdown and the resolution to your Johnny had 4 apple dilemma buy here. 

1) The Basics
2) Need To Knows
3) This

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