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Kari Fullard

I'm an Air Force Veteran, born and raised in Miami. I started off as a statistic by having a child young, working a minimum wage job, and trying to go to school at the same time. I wanted more in life, so I enlisted in the Air Force, finished school, and got married. I've been in the Financial Management industry for over 10 years. I've received numerous certifications, attended formal trainings and accolades, including Financial Manager of the Year, twice. 4 degrees later I'm happy at how far I've come and I want to help those around me to show them that any dream is in arm's reach; you just have to push. I know the excitement that comes with having savings, buying a home, and getting your dream car. It is my goal to help those around me accomplish the same thing. Even more so, I know to obtain these things how important credit is. 

My businesses initially started off as a hobby; teaching friends and family financial literacy. I started " Stock Talk with Kari", and facilitated small presentations on Beginner's Stocks. I also helped those around me clean up their credit. The business then grew into what it is Today, Money Talk with Kari". My goal now is to help people obtain the things that I've been able to obtain and more! I want to see people get their home, get their dream car, improve their credit, more importantly improve their livelihoods and hear the words APPROVED! Whether it's through Credit Repair, Notarizing documents, or finding you a temporary place to stay; let me help you!



Our number one priority to our customers is to help them be comfortable in life. In regards to credit, we do this through constant education on the process of raising your credit score and helping to rebuild it. Money Talk with Kari wants to get you to the life you deserve.

When it comes to Notary services, MTK's Signing Agency's mission is to provide a professional experience. We know how important it is to get documents signed at a proficient level and in an adequate amount of time. It is our goal to give access to a notary inside and outside of the normal hours. We understand how important it is to get documents witnessed and signed off. 

Last but not least, our Corporate housing services aim to make you feel at home. MTK's Corporates want to see everyone on Temporary duty or away from home in a comfortable apartment or house that they can use every time that they visit. We try to procure units in areas with access to public transportation, shopping, great food choices, and excellent neighbors. With being deployed or away we have found our niche in finding some of the best spots and we want to open those places to you and your family.

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